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Renault Megane E-tech 100% Electric

  • salvomie 

Renault Megane e-Tech 100% Electric is Renault’s first electric car in the middle class and has a completely new sensual tech design language, compact exterior but spacious interior, new infotainment system based on Google with 24″ screen and a 60 kWh thin battery that gives up to 47 miles range (WLTP).


The new Kangoo E-Tech Electric, which was launched in Europe during the autumn, has been updated with several new functions to meet the needs of its customers. The range is extended to 300 km (WLTP mixed). The 90 kW motor and the 45 kWh battery can be charged in several different ways, including quick charging which gives a range of 170 km in 30 minutes. The cargo volume is the same as in the diesel and petrol versions.

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The towing weight is 1500 kg. In Europe, Kangoo E-Tech Electric accounts for approx. 35% of the electric transport vehicle market with over 4,000 vehicles sold and is thus the country’s best-selling electrified transport vehicle. The model won Transport Car of the Year 2022.

We are seeing a faster transition by companies to fossil-free driving. Interest is increasing in electric transport vehicles, but also in other fossil-free alternatives such as hydrogen, where Renault has solutions in progress for its transport vehicles.

The Renault Megane E-Tech Electric is the only one to offer premium car technology, such as an infotainment system from Google, in a lower electric car price range. In addition, the battery is cleverly designed, which makes the car easy to be an electric car.