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Audi makes it easier to charge the electric car

  • salvomie 

Audi makes it easier to charge the electric car. A single card for 350,000 charging points in Europe. The transition to an electric car must be simple. Audi has therefore invested in a practical solution that gathers the majority of all charging operators in a single card. Recently, Vattenfall’s InCharge was also connected, which contributes with an additional 4,200 charging points. Since the launch in 2019, the number of connected charging points has more than tripled. In total, the card now works for approx. 350,000 charging points in 26 countries in Europe.

To make charging even smoother, owners of newer Audi e-trons can also use Plug & Charge at Ionity‘s stations. That the transition benefits from innovative companies and solutions is very clear. ChargePanel, which develops the software itself for the hardware within charging infrastructure, sees two major areas where one is EV fleet management and the other acts as an EV charging platform for charging post operators.

Electric vehicle charging
A charging card for 900 fast chargers and 8800 AC chargers

A charging card for 900 fast chargers and 8800 AC chargers

For new electric car owners, the charging situation can be an obstacle with many different operators and payment methods to choose from. To make the transition as simple and smooth as possible, Audi has therefore created a charging service that brings together many players on a single card. With the card, you can charge both at Ionity, Eon/Clever, Recharge, Virta, Park+Charge, OKQ8, Allego and More in Europe.

In the Audi e-tron Charging Service, both destination chargers (AC) and fast chargers (DC + HPC) are connected. The price levels are standardized and make it easy to plan, for example, a longer European vacation.

As an alternative to the RFID card, the myAudi app can also be used to start the charge. Newly manufactured Audi e-trons can also start charging simply by connecting the cable thanks to the Plug & Charge function that initially works at Ionity’s stations.